Damaged goods

from into the light by Gudinöv



Give us a fire and we’ll burn down this place
Give us a reason and we’ll kick you in the face
We’ll take what we want no matter how you feel
Cause in our world everything ‘s for free

Cause we’re all damaged goods We’re up to no good

Hanging around on the streets cause we’ve got time to spend
That’s the way we’re gonna live untill we reach the end

Cause we’re all damaged goods We’re up to no good

Up to no good
We are up to no good
Cause we are damaged goods


from into the light, released June 16, 2013




Gudinöv Tienen

Raw, catchy and with a lot of power... three words to define the band Gudinöv. The bandmembers are experienced musicians and hit already numerous large and small stages.
In june 2013 they released their debut EP 'into the light'. A new album is planned. The bandname is a tribute to Emma Gudinöv who led in 1662 the resistance against Tsar Aleksej I, who banned music and dance throughout Russia.
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