Album Cover
Released: Dec 9, 2017
Label: 3300 RPM RECORDS
Track Listing
1 Afterlife
2 Traffic jam
3 Easy for you
4 Undercover lover
5 Watch your freedom
6 Made my day
7 Fly away
8 Under my skin
9 Party animal
10 Shadows and dust

Liner Notes

All songs written and produced by: Bart Bekker, Kris Decatte, David Dolezal, Koen Guilmet and Jan Vanwinckel
Recorded @ Room /DC (Tienen)
Mixed @ Studio E Music Productions by Marc De Maeyer  & Gudinöv
Mastered @ Equus by Pieter De Wagter
Artwork by DeKa
Lay-out: Bart Bekker

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In our hometown Tienen, you can buy the physical album on the following places:
- Muziekwinkel Pro Music Shop – Tenuto, Gilianstraat 93 - Tienen
- Total tankstation, Kabbeekvest 45 - Tienen
- Delhaize Tienen, Mulkstraat 2 - Tienen
- Plato, Spiegelstraat 16 – Tienen
- Standaard Boekhandel, Nieuwstraat 22 - Tienen


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